January 31, 2009

The Art of Mark Kostabi

Artist and Composer Mark Kostabi was born in Los Angeles in 1960 to Estonian immigrants. He was raised in Whittier, California and studied drawing and painting at California State University, Fullerton.

(Kostabi, Mark. Bored on the Ball
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

In 1982 he moved to New York and by 1984 he became a leading figure of the East Village art scene. During that time he also developed a provocative media persona by publishing self-interviews which commented on the commodification of contemporary art.

(Kostabi, Mark. Love Letters
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

By 1987 his works were widely exhibited in New York galleries and prominently throughout the United States, in Japan, Germany and Australia. In 1988, inspiring extensive international press coverage, he founded Kostabi World - his large New York studio known for openly employing numerous painting assistants and idea people.

(Kostabi, Mark. The Junk Has Arrived
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

In 1996 be began dividing his time between New York and Rome and consequently his work's already strong presence in the Italian art scene was vigorously enhanced.

(Kostabi, Mark. The Weight of Departure
c. 2001. oil on canvas.)

Kostabi has designed album covers for Guns 'N' Roses (Use Your Illusion) and The Ramones (Adios Amigos), Jimmey Scott (Holding Back The Years) and numerous products including a Swatch watch, limited-edition vases, espresso cups, computer accessories and a Giro d'Italia pink jersey.

(Kostabi, Mark. In the Mix
c. 2003. oil on canvas.)

Like Keith Harring, Mark Kostabi paints faceless cartoon like figures. Although Kostabi's figures are faceless they are far from generic. They convey a deep emotional human connection with their body language that reaches out to the viewer and inspires sympathy and compassion. It is almost as if you can read the faceless figures mind's.

(Kostabi, Mark. Low Tide
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

To see more of Mark Kostabi's art, please visit his wonder web page, which is extremely creative at (http://www.markkostabi.com/). I love his use of contrasting colors mixed with the dramatic emotion of his subjects and his work is much appreciated here !!

Enjoy :)

Reference: Mark Kostabi