December 23, 2009

The Art of Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel is an artist and illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. She works as a full time a graphic designer but, commissions illustrations and has successfully exhibited her own personal artwork. She has a unique style in which she builds layer upon layer of color pencil, graphite and pastel to create extraordinary illusive soft portraits of women, who entice and mesmerize the viewer.

(Winnel, Bec. Lightness. c. 2009.
Colored pencil on black paper.)

Winnel grew up in Albury, New South Whales Australia and spent most of her childhood there including some time in Leeton and Jindera. Winnel learned to draw at an early age by observation. She enjoyed drawing what she saw around her. She studied shape and form, as well as light and shadow.

(Winnel, Bec. Silk Cocoon. c. 2009.
Colored pencil, graphite and pastel on paper.)

Winnel’s family nurtured her creativity. She watched her aunt paint for hours, her mother decorate cakes, her father create things in his shed and her grandmother sew. Where there were no formal art schools, she along with her siblings found other creative outlets through photography, crafts and gardening.

(Winnel, Bec. My Gemini Heart. c. 2009.
Colored pencil, graphite and pastel on paper.)

Winnel moved to Melbourne, Victoria and formally studied graphic design at the Swinburne University of Technology. There she received her diploma in 2007 and now works for a small but well established advertising company. Winnel loves pencils, pastels and conté crayons because they are so convenient and portable. She enjoys drawing on the tram, during her lunch break and at home.

(Winnel, Bec. Statue of Eve. c. 2008.
Colored pencil, graphite and pastel on paper.)

Winnel describes her own style “as soft, sensual and a little dreamy to view, but take a closer look and what you see the in the eyes of my subjects lies a different, story an emotional, melancholy soul staring back at you.” Her pieces have been described as “reminiscent of vintage Victorian postcards”.

(Winnel, Bec. Elise. c. 2009.
Colored pencil, graphite and pastel on paper.)

Winnel is very humble about her success and says, “Talent only accounts for part of it, the rest is hard work, self discipline, perseverance and getting used to spending a lot of time alone.” She says she still feels like she is learning and her work is much appreciated here!

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