January 30, 2009

The Art of Laura Cassetti

Laura Cassetti was born in Vercelli, Italy in 1979. She paints with the influence of Tamara de Lempicka, Keith Haring and Gina de Dominiscis. Riccardo Roma a curator from one of her many exhibits states the following.

(Cassetti, Laura. dormiente.
c. 2007. acrylic on canvas.)

"An elegant and sensual, figurative search, where they boast clear and elaborate ancestries, deco and liberty; between the fulsome lechery of Tamara De Lempicka and the surreal severity of Gino de Dominicis, all elaborated in a chromatic feature, ignited and pulsating."

(Cassetti, Laura. dame bianche.
c. 2007. acrylic on canvas.)

"Ruler of a spatial rarefied context, memoir of the experience in the Cartesian two-dimensionality of Keith Haring, Laura Cassetti's women and superwomen, post-modern Madonnas, Venuses and goddess, beautiful and perfect in the perfection of the units that compose to them."

(Cassetti, Laura. Ragazza alla finestra.
c. 2007. acrylic on canvas.)

"Moves winding in curves that have licence to abandon the figurative one in order to meet itself in a real graphical search."

(Cassetti, Laura. le due amiche.
c. 2007. acrylic on canvas.)

You can visit Laura Cassetti's home page at (http://www.lauracassetti.com/) or you can purchase her art at Gallery Today. I love the dramatic effects created by the vibrant colors contrasting with the white of her subjects. I also love her use of geometry in her wonderful compositions and her artwork is much appreciated here !!

Enjoy :)

Reference: Laura Cassetti, Gallery Today