January 17, 2009

The Art of Frances Lai Wang

Frances Lai Wang is a contemporary artist, whose style is heavily influenced by Modernism and the Cubist style. The following text are quotes from her about her work.

(Wang, Frances Lai. Studio Table 3.
c. 2006. oil on canvas.)

"Trained as a chemist, however, I found my passion in art. I took early retirement from teaching chemistry and went back to school. I received my B. A. in fine art at California State University at Long Beach in 1989."

(Wang, Frances Lai. Zen Garden 5.
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

“My work is profoundly influenced by Modernism, as I do not merely paint the surface of the objects, rather search for the innerness and the essence of the matters. Fragmentation of the objects into their essential volumes, planes and patterns creating dynamism and rhythm in space is the ultimate challenge for me. Molding beauty out of geometric and curvilinear forms is also my ultimate goals for my art. I believe what Mondrian said, ‘the surface of things gives enjoyment, the interiority gives life’.”

(Wang, Frances Lai. Human Bondage I.
c. 2006. oil on canvas.)

“I am also drawn to paint in broad brush, intense color and lyric lines—a passionate disciple of the Abstract Expressionism- to invite the viewers into my own emotional world—passion vs. reasoning; possibility vs. limitation; optimism vs. despair.”

(Wang, Frances Lai. Human Bondage 2.
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

“Growing up in the Chinese culture, my work is also influenced by the affinity I feel for the Eastern spirituality—the Noguchi’s Zen-like quality --seeking order from chaos, clarity from complexity; depicting “chi” –the flow of life energy that articulates the tension, balance and grace in nature. Let the spirits of forms flow, the ‘chi’ will emerge and be embodied in the work.”

(Wang, Frances Lai. Still Life Table 2.
c. 2007. oil on canvas.)

If you would like to see more of Frances Lai Wang's art, you can do so at her home page (http://www.franceslaiwang.com/). I love the colors that Wang has chosen with the influence of the cubist movement and her work is much appreciated here!

Enjoy :)
Reference: Frances Lai Wang, Gallery Today