September 30, 2012

The Art of Sandra Perlow

Sandra Perlow (1940 - present) is a contemporary abstract artist, currently living in Chicago, who has been creating art for over forty-five years. Sandra works in multi-media creating a collage on top of monoprints or woodcuts using a combination of various mediums which include acrylic, gouache or oil stick.

(Perlow, Sandra. Must Come Again. c. 2012. collage on canvas.)

Sandra was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where she earned her Bachelor’s of Art Education (B.A.E.) and her Master’s of Fine Art (M.A.) from the school of the art institute of Chicago in which she mainly focused on drawing and painting. She also received an M.A. from the Illinois Institute of Design. Perlow then began to teach herself at the school of the art institute of Chicago.

(Perlow, Sandra. Apart from That. c. 2012. collage on canvas.)

Rhythm is the key property of Perlow’s multi-media paintings. She works in shapes and colors, inspired from architecture or landscape. She draws inspiration from daily life, people and museums.

(Perlow, Sandra. Tangled. c. 2012. collage on canvas.)

“Perlow’s creative process is an energetic shuffling and sorting of memory, text, sound and image. There is spontaneity in her studio practice as the surrounding loop sets up a syncopated tempo as she works on several canvases at one time. The cacophony of visual signs are also found in the layers of images on her studio table: a landscape of books and papers form a visual library from Chinese brush painting Rotella’s decollates or the works of Philip Guston. The creative impulse is immediate and improvisational as Perlow pulls paper, motif and gesture onto the surface of the picture plane.” (Sandra, 2012).

(Perlow, Sandra. Draw Into. c. 2012. collage on canvas.)

At the age of seventy-two years old, Sandra is full of energy, has a wonderful sense of humor and has unparalleled lust for life, which I believe is definately reflected in her work and her work is much appreciated here.

Enjoy :)

Reference: Sandra

Perlow is represented by: Dubhe Carrño Gallery, Blue Gallery and Pierogi Gallery