November 18, 2008

The Art of Ikrano Theodorus

Ikrano Theodorus is a contemporary abstract painter, he uses bold color and interesting inperfect geometric shapes to express himself. He describes the purpoase of his art in the following statement.

"I am a self-taught artist with a wholehearted commitment and dedication to master the art of painting, which I realize will be a lifelong learning and striving in effort to achieve even the smallest measure of perfection."

(Theodorus, Ikrano. The Difference A Woman Make.
c. 2008. Oil on canvas.)

"Art, as for me, it a skill to communicate the sense of beauty that comes to my experience of this world. The sense of beauty, as I believe, is one of the primal aspirations of all human beings, and what do I intend with the work of art, is to preserve my aspiration as well as my experience of beauty."

(Theodorus, Ikrano. Geometry. c. 2008.
Oil on canvas.)

"So, the main concern in my works is to create a harmony of shapes and colours; inspired by my unconscious interaction with nature or surroundings that somehow, by inexplicably way, make up the sense of beauty. It applies not in my abstract or decorative paintings only, but in my realist paintings as well."

(Theodorus, Ikrano. Built up to Sky. c. 2007.
Oil on canvas.)

"I hope my pieces of art will serve to any viewer, more or less in the way they were intended to."

(Theodorus, Ikrano. The Masculine. c. 2008.
Oil on canvas.)

You can purchase one of Theodorus' original paintings at for very reasonable price. I love his work, it's bold and beautiful and he is much appreciated here!

Enjoy :)

Reference: Gallery Today