September 6, 2008

The Art of Brent J. Lynch

Brent Lynch has enjoyed a successful career in the arts for over twenty-five years. He has been honored with many national and international awards in both communication and fine art. A powerful landscape and figurative painter, Brent uses mood, light and movement to express his experience.

(Lynch, Brent J. Sloop. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent. Street Car Named Desire I. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent J. Street Car Named Desire II. Oil on Canvas)

His is passionate about painting from life and this spiritual connection resonates in his work. Brent’s daring use of color and brushstrokes, along with his unique compositional style are characteristic of his paintings. His works range from intimate portraits to large scale mural installations, which are currently on display in galleries, institutions and private collections world-wide.

(Lynch, Brent J. Pier 56. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent J. Port of Call. Oil on canvas)

Creating images has always been a part of Brent’s life. As a toddler, bedroom walls, floors and even his baby brother’s bald head became his canvases. As he grew, this natural creativity and desire to find new experiences drew him into many different arenas.

(Lynch, Brent J. Twlight Romance. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent J. Under the Stars. Oil on canvas)

During the teen years, Brent was happiest on the football field or flying down a mountain slope. Both school and life sparked his imagination and he was inspired by the works of many artists from Shakespeare to Bob Dylan and Rembrandt to Pollock.

(Lynch, Brent J. Thunderheads. Oil on canvas)

Brent spent his early career producing a large body of work from illustrated books to record covers. He was perhaps best known for his artistic event posters for regional, national and international events such as ballet, opera and theater as well as sporting events including the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games.

(Lynch, Brent J. Piano. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent J. Place Your Bet. Oil on canvas)

The power and energy of his figurative work is due to Brent’s need to draw and compose form life, whether in a studio working with models or in the field air painting. This spiritual connection with his subject is the cornerstone of his artwork.

(Lynch, Brent J. Costal Drive. Oil on canvas)

“I have always been aware of the spiritual dimension which connects us to everyone and everything. For me, investigating a landscape, portrait or life study transforms my perspective. The process of drawing or painting the subject becomes a wonderful way to acknowledge this relationship,” says Brent.

(Lynch, Brent J. Albion Ferry. Oil on canvas)

(Lynch, Brent J. Sunset Drive. Oil on canvas)

Brent is sought after and commissioned to create murals and painted installations for institutions, public buildings and private collections. He has become recognized as a powerful landscape and figurative painter, using mood light, composition and movement to convey his experiences. He works in a range of mediums including watercolor, gouache, oils and French chalk. His dynamic use of color and brushstrokes along with his unique and daring compositional styles are trademarks of his work.

(Lynch, Brent J. Dog on Beach. Oil on canvas)

To read more about Brent J. Lynch and to see more of his art, please visit his web site ( His artwork is truely amazing and is much appreciated here!

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Reference: Brent Lynch